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Service:Editorial Manager 1:1 Training change

If you would prefer to view an EM training video instead of signing up for a 1:1 training, click here.  You will be asked to enter your name and email address.  We also have 14 minute video available that highlights the features of Editorial Manager, you can find it here.

If you cannot find a suitable time on this calendar, we also have group sessions available here.

To see a slide deck outlining the benefits of EM, showing the differences between the systems, and highlighting some of EM's main and useful features, click here.


For more information on how to use Editorial Manager, please see our Editorial Manager quick guide for editors

IMPORTANT! This calendar includes session times held by trainers from offices around the world. Please pay careful attention to the available times, which are listed as AM/PM, ensuring that your own time zone is displayed in the "DATE/TIME" field below.

To select a different time zone, click on the orange link below displaying the time zone.

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